No this is not a morbid post like the title might suggest. I’m just going to recap a few of the more interesting things that happened to me over the long weekend.

  • I watched Sam’s XC race on Saturday and I have a video of the race that I just need to figure out how to get from my phone to youtube.
  • I bought a new 12′ Acura TL. I was able to turn my car in (even with a cracked windshield), put 500 bucks down and lower my payments by 50 bucks.
  • I played poker for 8 hours on Saturday at Harrah’s Chester and lost a bit over 200 bucks. I played pretty average. I lost a big pot with AK on a KT4 board against the opponents KT. I won a big won with 58 on a 557 board against 68. I lost a big one with KK on a QJ8 board where some maniac who played every hand flopped a straight. Basically it was just a huge waste of time.
  • I shot a 90 at Bella Vista from the Blue Tees which was pretty good. I also had a drive that went 365 yards.
  • I took an elbow to the face playing ball on Sunday that sent me to the ER and required 3 stitches. I probably could have done without them but the cut was pretty deep as my tooth punctured my mouth. I also got a tetanus shot which completely made me feel ill on Monday. My arm was killing me and my body felt so weak. I had flu like symptoms and just felt awful. I still feel pretty bad today.
  • My 3rd fantasy football draft took place last night and I’m pretty sure I drafted a good squad. Peyton Manning dropped to pick 60+ after I already got Romo and now I have great trade value which should give me a huge edge in the league. My last draft is tonight and then the season commences on Thursday.