I’ve been pretty into Storage Wars over this past week getting caught up with as many episodes as I can. I like this show a lot because it’s an intelligent show assuming it isn’t fake. The idea of assigning a value to how a storage is kept is intriguing. For example, Dave might say something like “it looks like it’s their entire life is in this locker.” This means that all of their worldly possessions might be in this locker compared to a person who is buying the locker for the sole purpose of storing goods. I just find it extremely intriguing the valuation of items. I’m sure I’ll make some more posts regarding the integrity of the show. Anyway, Steve had the great idea to post this oven/dryer that has been sitting in our apt. The owner probably has no idea if it’s valuable or not and I’m going to let my audience decide. I’ve done no research and would value an opinion. Here are some pics, what’s it worth?

Dryer / Oven Value

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