Being a blog owner is a weird thing. People think differently about you when they know you have a blog. There is this incredulous reaction followed with a half witted chuckle response “you have a blog.” I’m just like yeah yeah yuck it up. The weird part is though that when you maintain a website you are always looking for additional traffic. Amber shared the link to my website on her Facebook page (which was nice) and that’s a potential 500 new readers. Most likely hardly anyone will become a daily visitor but you never know. With that being the case I feel like I have to come up with some good material and there’s some pressure to write a good post. Nothing really exciting happened in my life over the weekend so I’m just pretty much stuck with trying to think of something. One topic though did come to my mind.

I feel like everyone is always judging. Anyone who comes across this website is going to form an opinion whether it be good or bad. When people come over and see my bathroom, they judge how clean I am. I have a Game of Thrones book in my bathroom and people probably figure out that I read on the shitter and they can judge you on that and probably figure out you don’t want to borrow books from me. How people can go through life and not worry about what other people think is seriously an amazing quality to have. My goal is to just be normal. When people think about me I want them to not have anything to form an opinion over. Not my clothes, my look, my habits, nothing. I don’t want to stand out. Which is why I’m bringing this post full circle to show that it’s really strange of me to maintain a blog because this contradicts everything I just wrote. is basically saying “hey look at me and like me because of the things I think.” I don’t even know half the people who come to this site. I’m amazed as many people come as they do. I don’t even know what I’d do if this site actually got really popular. A few hundred people a day is great and all but once I start hitting the thousand mark, I think that’s a pretty big milestone. To any new readers, I hope you like the site because this really is a culmination of me.