Everyone loves boobs. Seemingly bigger boobs are rarer and that’s why more people are infatuated by them. It’s safe to say that these celebrities most likely wouldn’t have their celebrity status without a little help from their friends.

Ice-T’s wife has propelled to stardom with her own reality show. She has a disproportionate body and quite a fat ass. I actually think she’s mildly attractive but she’d probably break your dick off.

Sofia Vergera
Sofia wouldn’t have a part in Modern Family if it wasn’t for her boobs. She’s an ok actress but her star appeal is found in her chest. I can’t even understand the words she says half the time.

Salma Hayek
Everyone remembers Salma Hayek’s dance scene in “From Dusk til Dawn”. She really takes the cake in terms of cleavage. It’s obvious that these hispanic girls get huge racks and know how to use them to their advantage.

Victoria Beckham
These are so fake but she’s trying so hard to show them off. I always found her to be the lamest Spice girl so it surprises me her rise to fame. Sure it helps marrying David Beckham but she seems to garner way more attention than she deserves. Must be the boobs.

Katie Price
I saved the biggest for last. Katie Price wouldn’t be anyone if it wasn’t for her boobs. She’s an inspiration for anyone who wants to be famous but has no talent. Just blow up your chest to an H cup and you have a chance at fame. I think she has a sex tape too which should help arrive at stardom quicker.