Bank Teller

Why do I find one of the most hated jobs fascinating? They get to see how much money everybody has. When you go in to make a deposit or to withdraw money, I’m sure their computer displays a balance. So when they see you withdrawing 1,000 dollars and you only have 1,200 into your account, they know you’re up to something. Or if you take out money and they see you’re dressed in a Gucci suit and they see your balance is a few hundred dollars, they know your a fraud. These people get to pass judgement on every single person who walks in the door. They know how much your worth and can act accordingly. They are playing the game of life with additional information. That’s what makes this job good (for a little while).

Drug Store Cashier

For the same reason as the bank teller, these people get to see everything that you are purchasing. If you are buying condoms they know you are getting laid. If you buy Lotrimin they know you have foot fungus. They see you buying personal items and they know. They are probably told not to pass judgment but I think that’s impossible. Now these guys probably get paid next to nothing but they probably have a huge array of information that they can use to extort people. An added perk to this job.

Fighter Pilot

Everyone has seen Top Gun and you know that this is a cool job. The sky becomes your playground. You have all this open space to fly at 1,500 mph. It must be such a rush and now add to the mix that you get to shoot down enemy planes, awesome. Plus I feel like if you get hit by a missile the plane doesn’t automatically blow up and you have an ok chance to survive. You’ll just have the scenario like Owen Wilson in Behind Enemy Lines. I just have the feeling that going to “work” each day isn’t exactly work.