Yesterday marked the 2nd highest day in blog traffic ever with approximately 450 visitors. Yes, I played right into it by creating that Storage Wars post and it worked out nicely. Probably 250 of those visitors were searching for “brandi hot pictures.” The one issue with my blog is the title. I must have changed it 10 times now and I can’t ever seem to settle on something good. You have to think about it from the person searching on Google. When they type in whatever and see my search result come up as “‘search term’ | Drinking and Running” they can’t ever take it seriously. I need a better title that gives me a little more credibility. If anyone has any suggestions I’d be very happy to hear.

In other news my Google Adsense appeal was denied. That means that they won’t let me display ads and my source of income from this blog is still going to be 0. I still believe that once I can generate significant traffic, I’ll be able to find some way of making some money. I actually think the blog is as good as its ever been and my topics have been pretty good. Hopefully, my hard work and efforts of these years will eventually lead to something.