A comment on this post read:
“terrible job by you here. you have enough time to make fun of a legend in the film industry, but don’t have enough time to use spell check on your pathetic blog. get a grip. its you that sucks. people like you who are spineless rats, sitting in their sad dungeons , thinking people give a shit about what they have to say. You should find a new hobby.”

Comments like this make me happier than getting no comments at all. At least I know the guy is reading through my post. I just want to point out that I can never take anyone who never capitalizes the start of a sentence seriously. I also want to note that he reached by site by the google search “apply for a job at happy madison production.” So I obviously pissed off a fan boy and got put in my place. I actually re-read the post and couldn’t find any spelling errors and still stand by everything I wrote back then.

I forgot to point this out in the Curb episode on Sunday. When Larry bumped the car in the driveway by accident and he said he was trying to JUST use his mirrors, are you kidding? I knew there were people out there who didn’t use their mirrors to back up but this just shocked me. His comment made is seem like the standard way to back up was to turn your head 180. If I have a child, I promise you he will get scolded for turning his head around while driving. Using the mirrors is such a safer way of driving and anyone who doesn’t is automatically a level below “good” drivers. You can’t be a good driver without understanding mirror driving.

Google also deactivated my adsense account for some reason, most likely people clicking on ads with no real reason. I don’t really see how I can avoid this but I appealed their decision and we’ll see what happens.

I feel like these posts I’ve been making have been really good lately but that’s just my opinion. I know it’s difficult to get feedback, but anything on any post is useful to me.