The poll shows two common things in today’s society. #1, people are click happy. #2, people are happy to give their opinion knowing nothing about the subject. What’s even more amusing is that the 4 people who clicked on a “hole in one” probably have no idea what an albatross even is. Now technically this question is pretty bogus anyway because it’s not specific enough to really have a good answer. A hole in one can still happen on a par 4 which would be pretty impressive, if not more impressive than an albatross. This could be one shot traveling 300+ yards and going in. An albatross is a 2 on a par 5 which is certainly rarer than a hole in one as it requires two good shots instead of one lucky one. No real point to pointing this out except I find it humorous how people respond.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Depeche Mode recently. I posted one of my favorite songs from them which I believe is worth a listen. Depeche Mode is the most successful electronic band ever selling over 100 million albums throughout their career. Just figured I’d point this out to enrich people’s lives musically.