Wow am I frustrated. I googled “running fool” just to see what came up and this girl’s blog came up titled “that girl is a running fool.” She has a facebook page for her blog that has 101 people that like it. The blog is absolute garbage. It’s about a non-attractive girl who is a below average runner and blogs about her inadequacies at trying to stay fit. She takes a picture of a scale that shows her weighing 198 pounds, and that generates 20 comments! For Christ sakes, I can’t even get 20 comments when I tell people that I’m never blogging again unless I get 20 comments. What is the problem here?

Is it my elitist attitude? Because I’m good at running people don’t feel the need to encourage me. If I was 300 pounds and ran a half a mile I bet I’d get pity from all over the planet. More people care about pathetic people trying to do good than actual good people being good. Thing is, I don’t need your support or your comments. I’ve come to terms with the fact that people prefer to watch through the window than participate. However, and this is what bothers me, I produce good material. I give entertainment and I get nothing in return. Google passes over my blog and I can barely get 100 visitors a day and maybe 40 actually read. I’m not being a dick here but how can I break through to actually developing something with this blog. My adsense has generated 4 cents since it’s been up. That is an absolute embarrassment. What is my drive for continuing?

This is post 719. The question is “what am I looking for?” To be 100% honest, I think I wish I had 1,000 people view my site a day, they’d click on my ads, and I could generate a supplemental income. I’m not looking to quit my real job, just feel like I earn something for all this work. After I wrote that running as a sport was a waste of time, Laura wrote on Sam’s blog, “why does running need to earn money to be worthwhile?” Earning money for doing something is a sense of accomplishment. It shows that people respect what you are doing and are willing to pay for it. At 16 years old, I realized I would never make a dime in running as a sport. This was the end of my track career. After two years of blogging, I’m nearing that edge. If you spend all your time doing something, and you get nothing in return, there is no reason to do it. I could keep a journal the same way I maintain this blog and its all the same. It just really gets on my nerves when these no talent ass clowns earn notoriety by being bad. I really think I post quality material and it just gets overlooked. I think that this mentality is developed over time and it’s not just me who comes to this conclusion. It’s why none of my readers maintain a blog like this. There is no value. No one cares.