This is my profile.

  • She has to have manners. When she’s ordering food at Dunkin Donuts, I want to hear “can I please have” or “I would like”, none of this “gimme this” or “I want/need that”. I use Dunkin Donuts not because she’s going to be constantly eating donuts but because I want to hear these manners at informal places and regular business encounters. Manners show a courtesy to others which is important.
  • She needs to be OK with that fact that I’m going to have my phases when all I want to do is listen to Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy all the way through. If you aren’t OK with me listening to some of the greatest Rock and Roll ever produced because you dislike Led Zeppelin, it isn’t going to work. Conversely, I can put up with the Britney, Nikki Minaj, and the Lil Wayne mainstream crap but don’t expect me to like it. I think liking the same music would be a plus but certainly not a prerequisite.
  • I’m looking for someone not too skinny but not too fat either. Muscles are sort of a turn off. I think boobs are fun but if they start getting to big than they start getting tons of attention from other guys. I’m not sure how I’d feel about entering a room and having all the guys stare at my gf’s tits. In a way it’s flattering that every guy would be jealous but I generally would prefer to not have to deal with that on a constant basis.
  • I think a fashion sense in important but she should be able to get ready in a hurry as well as look good in normal clothes like a t shirt and jeans. I rarely steal the show with my attire so it would probably be helpful to have someone who can pick up the slack.
  • I’ve said before that I like blonde or brunette or preferably a mixture of both. That’s certainly not saying I don’t think girls with black or red hair aren’t attractive but I feel like you tend to be attracted to people of similar hair colors. I think librarian glasses are also a plus. I never really notice other accessories like rings, bracelets, necklaces, or earrings so if she didn’t have any in her collection I don’t think I’d care. If she did, I’d compliment them because it’s polite.

To sum it up, she has to laugh at my jokes, not constantly need me, be on time, be honest, have loose morals, and can create her own opinion. Making decisions would also be helpful because the most annoying thing in the world is when the question is “where do you want to eat” and the person says “I don’t care” and then you suggest something and you can just tell that’s not what they want. I’d much rather someone say let’s go here because it makes life easier. All you would need to know about me is I stay in shape, I have a good job, and I would take care of you under any circumstance (assuming I liked her)(which is difficult because my emotions tend to be flat)(but I’m generally a good human being).