Motion City Soundtrack has a song called the future freaks me out. The future doesn’t freak me out but instead it’s the present. My dad is going to list our building on Vine st with a realtor. This means that we will be getting offers on our building which he eventually will sell. Once sold, then we have to move the business to another location, which effects where I decide to live next year. Also, I booked a flight to Tampa to see a Metal Roofing show for a couple of days next week. An owner of another company is looking to partner with us and help him distribute his own line of tools. He has so many ideas, and me not being a roofer, it’s hard to know which ones are going to be successful and which to ditch. Furthermore, I just had to tell our box making guy that his competitor is 700 dollars cheaper and I don’t think it’s fair to reward him with the business even if he is willing to meet their prices. My solder supply is out and I’m looking at a new source but after I experimented with it it left a green residue which makes me believe it’s an inferior product most likely imported. The German could possibly be getting our hammer from another source and his price has gotten out of control so we are considering our options. A competitor has come out with a lower price ripper so we have to decide if we want to come up with a new design to compete or leave it as is. We are out of stock on 150-B’s which sucks because it’s going to be a while to get them in and customers are gonna start freaking out. I need to open up a new roth because I didn’t like the way my financial adviser set up my current roth so I quit him and decided to do it myself. This is all on top of the fact that I blew my poker roll last night by drinking 8 beers and donking away 300 bucks by playing 115 hu sngs and 60 turbos, so I feel like a schmuck. I got holdem manager and every thing set up so I had high hopes going into it but my drunk self put a set back on my plan. My credit card bill this month is gradually growing to the point that I’m scared to look. I sold some of my stock because I’m freaked out that things are going to get haywire. I feel like I’ve stepped into Willy Wonka’s anti gravity room and there’s a cluster fuck of bullshit surrounding me. I’m sorry I didn’t put paragraphs but it’s a symbol for how I feel. This is how haggard I look.