Sitting here on my second beer I’m surrounded by characters of the round table. It’s Ck4’s birthday and he’s whining that he “ain’t feeling so pretty this morning.” We went to Jack’s Place last night saw Kristen and the Noise. It was a pretty fun night that started with us playing drug dealer and then playing a dice game called 3 man. It was entertaining when Laura added the rule that the drinker had to compliment the roller. Without this rule the game would have been pretty average but this made it much more interesting. Anyway, everyone got pretty drunk before we went out and beers were only 2.50 at Jack’s Place which was awesome. Late night, Ck4, Jeff and I were down by the bay and the sky was really neat. I know that sounds really gay but we were star gazing for constellations which were illuminating nicely by the bay. Ck4’s the man today and we are about to head down to the beach.