I’m going to voice my opinion on Lebron because everyone else is. If you don’t like Lebron because he’s too cocky, I think you are barking up the wrong tree. People who know nothing about basketball (these people tend to voice their opinion the loudest) don’t understand that Lebron is an amazing basketball player. Let me run through his lines real quick in the 2011 finals:
Game 1 – 9-16, 4-5 3pt, 9reb, 4ast
Game 2 – 8-15, 2-7 3pt, 8reb, 4ast, 4 st
Game 3 – 6-14, 1-4 3pt, 3reb, 9ast, 2 st
Game 4 – 3-11, 0-3 3pt, 9reb, 7ast, 2 st
Game 5 – 8-19, 0-4 3pt, 10reb, 10 ast

Here are MJ’s Finals average stats, possibly the best playoff player ever.
FG% – .481, 3pt% -.368, RPG – 6.0, APG – 6.0, PPG 33.6

Here’s the thing, HE’S NOT BETTER THEN MICHAEL JORDAN. Scottie Pippen is just yacking because he can. Stats don’t really matter because MJ went to the finals 6 times and won them all. Lebron isn’t MJ but his stats clearly show he’s doing something. Maybe he’s not a winner like MJ, but he’s the reason his teams are consistently going to the finals. When people like to say he sucks I just have to laugh. You try being the talk of Sportscenter after every single game and see how you handle it. I know it’s hard to defend Lebron because his mannerisms seem so laddi da but the guy is a winner. He’s not MJ, but doesn’t deserve the flack. Can your team ever be better without Lebron? He also hasn’t even lost the Finals yet so let’s just see how he finishes up before we are saying he’s disappearing every game.