I know this is a terrible look but sometimes I don’t care what I look like. I was watching sportscenter and I saw Lebron wearing this look. Then when I was down the beach I saw it countless other times. I’ve been doing this for years but I know why I did it. These other people do it because they think it looks good. I don’t like having my bare feet touch my sandals UNLESS I’m at the beach where the look is just accepted. I think it’s so gross that I can only do it for week or two during the entire year. Here’s also something that I want to point out. If your sandals have a spot for your big toe, you can’t wear socks. They have to be the open kind. This does not look good.

Basically this look is making it mainstream and I’m not going to partake anymore. Everyone knows that it’s ok to do things if you are the only one doing it but once it goes mainstream, you have to change. These are just the rules to fashion. Trust me, I know.