I’ve watched 2 shows that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. First one being Community on network TV. Generally network TV sucks, this show was no different. The main character sucked, Chevy Chase wasn’t funny, the foreign guy was forced stereotype retard, and the rest of the cast was no better. I didn’t think there was a funny part in it and won’t be tuning in again. This show follows the office and that is another show I just don’t get. Everyone raves how funny it is and maybe if you’re in an office atmosphere for a job it’s funny, but to me it just seems painfully dull. Does Michael have brain damage or something? I’ve seen a couple of episodes and I know his character is supposed to come off as dopey but I just can’t laugh at the stupidity. I laugh more at the way Kevin looks and talks than the things he says. Everyone thinks Dwight is hilarious but I think he’s mentally retarded. Jim is a smug a-hole who I just want to punch in the face. The girls on the show are all blah. I feel like everyone is overacting. I just really don’t get it. True, I’ve only seen a handful of episodes and maybe haven’t given it a chance but it just doesn’t make me laugh. Given the fact that so many people say it’s the best show I’m going to watch some episodes on Hulu but if I still think it sucks I’ll write about it.

Don’t watch bored to death on HBO because the title is telling. Jason Schwartzman is boring and Ted Danson has seen better days. I may watch episode 2 just to see what happens but I wasn’t amused at all throughout the pilot. What I can’t understand is how people who produce this stuff think its good. If I was working for HBO and watched that past episode, I’d be embarrassed to show it to the public. It wasn’t funny or gripping and the main character sucked. I’m probably hard on a lot of pilots but it’s for good reason. When I watched Californication for the first time 2 years ago I came out of the pilot saying 1) they showed me a nun giving out a BJ 2) they showed me Mia’s boobs 3) and the main character has charisma and is watchable. I gave the show a chance and it turned out to be one of the best shows on TV. I have no problem giving a show a chance but the first episode has to be entertaining or else I’ll move on.

I watched the curb and entourage as well. Regarding Curb, sometimes I think they play out Larry’s rants about weird stuff too long but its still amusing. I didn’t really think the first episode was all that great but I’m sure the season will be good. Leon being an 82 man is hilarious considering they are in LA. I always heard black people like the heat but 82 tips the scale. Entourage was pretty good for a change. I like the Ari-Lloyd feud and hopefully Ashley will say goodbye. I don’t know about anyone else but I have no interest in Turtle or anything that goes on with his character. I hope Jamie moves to New Zealand so Turtles character can stop being such a puss. I still think the season has been weak but at least this week was entertaining.

If I could find out to put this in the smallest font I would. I watched the first couple episodes of glee and the show isn’t bad. Putting all the gayness aside considering its about glee club, the show is well done. They have good character development. The cheerleading coach combined with the principal make for a hilarious duo. The dancing and singing stuff isn’t the reason why I watch the show but it’s still performed well. I won’t review this show due to its homo tendencies and it’s completely on the opposite end of the spectrum of what I usually watch but I’m honest about what I think and this show should probably not be canned.