JKash noted that people love him as much as Jamaal loves the end zone. If you love Jamaal as much as I do, you’d know that Jamaal can break 70 yard runs on a week by week basis but for some reason he loses sight of that rectangular, 10 yard area. He found the end zone 8 times last year (including receiving td’s) which puts him right around 15th in scores by running backs. However, in terms of rushing yards (#2 behind Foster) and receiving yards by rb’s (#9), Jamaal should undoubtedly be a top 5 RB pick next year. What’s the problem, he doesn’t love the end zone as much as we thought. Correlation, people must not love JKash as much as he thinks and that’s coming straight from his own words. Now, JKash and I have had talks about how much some people love the end zone and I’m going to guess it’s not Jamaal’s fault he isn’t finding the holy land. It’s that goddamn bastard Thomas Jones stealing the goal line carries. When we see Thomas Jones has 6 rushing TD’s, all of which should be Jamaal’s, that lifts him up to the upper echelon of RB’s. JKash you should feel privileged to be mentioned as many times as you are in the same post as Jamaal. With the amount of times people are googling “JKash”, combined with people’s love of Jamaal, it’s hard for me to believe this isn’t going to be the greatest post of all time. If Jamaal ever comes to Philly, I think we have to meet him.