Dear New Yahoo,

Please don’t insta move me to your search engine when I want to type in a URL. I know you think that this is a useful feature moving me directly to the search engine, but when I use you as my homepage, I know you aren’t google. I don’t go to yahoo to search. If I want to search I know I have the option. I like to be updated with news and have the ability to click in my url bar and go directly to a website without you thinking that I want to use your search feature. I honestly can’t figure out why people have google as their home page. It’s just a search box. It’s like saying, don’t keep me informed with up to date content, I’d rather do it on my own and be difficult. I actually own yahoo stock and their fantasy sports are the best so I may be partial but this site to me is the obvious home page.

In fantasy sports I went 2-2 this weekend. However I beat Hafer in a game that came down wire and destroyed the Wagon in my two wins. I lost in my ESPN one by 1 point and got blown out in the other one by someone with the eagles D. None of my players got injured so I’m expecting big things next week.

This is one of my few sober weekends coming up because of the distance run. I’m fine with it and can actually use the break. I don’t think I’m in the best possible shape but I should still be close to 6 minute miles. I’ll get a long run in today and then start to tone it down till Sunday although tomorrow will be another hard day.

This is a paragraph to Jordan Cohen. (In TeddyKGB voice) I’ll write in my blog vhenever zee fack I vant. If I don’t have anything to write about then I want. I don’t sit in front of the computer forcing myself to entertain your retarded ass. When I think of things to write about I do. OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD I SAID BACON AND EGGS!

And to leave on a good note. I can’t remember if I put Stacy Kiebler at the top of my hottest girls list but I came across a picture that really solidifies her position. I honestly don’t even think there is an argument anymore. Think of the StepBrother guy who does the POW! when you see this. stacy-keibler-thongs (341 x 533)