This will be a good place to keep track of my sports bets to display to myself and anyone else who cares how much of degen I am.
1 bet -$20

I really hate the Steelers. Everything about their fans bothers me. They are on top of the world today because they won a game against a team with a pathetic offense. If I didn’t hex my fantasy kicker Bironas by drafting him, the Titans win that game. Not to mention Hines Ward screwed me over by fumbling at the 5 to cost me the parlay I made. I should have put my betting strategy into play where I reverse pick whoever I think is going to win. I was so sure the Shitty Steelers were going to win by more than 6 that I overruled myself. I only put 100 in my bodog account so I will try to be a little more subdued than usual. However if I wake up drunk on a weekend the possibilities are endless. If anyone ever wants to shoot me some locks, go for it.

On another note, I only drank like 10 beers last night and woke up feeling a bit dehydrated but not that bad. How I drank last night is how I should drink on weekends. I don’t do anything stupid. I can still enjoy myself and it doesn’t cost me 10 bucks per double. I don’t think I would be having as much fun but at least I remember what happened.

I literally have nothing going on right now so don’t expect much from this blog for a while. I should be getting some long runs in because the distance run is Sundays but I did about 8 miles yesterday and felt fine so I think I should be in good shape after a week of not really running hard. Sorry this is boring but my brain is on cruise control.