Even though I spent way more time on the below post I know not everyone cares about music and will be disappointed with just that post so I’m going to write a bunch of gibberish that should satisfy your appetite. My family, Nicole, Laura, Brookes, and a few of their friends went out to the Belgian Cafe at 21st and Green in Philly. It was Laura’s Bday and she didn’t know everyone was going to be there so it was an interesting surprise. I was there early and they sat the 3 of us a table for 10 people so Laura sort of saw the surprise coming. The restaurant had about 100 different bottled beers a few different ones on tap which was a nice change of taste. I even liked my steak which was pretty good and the potatoes and corn were a fine complement. Everything went smoothly and conversation was decent although I find that with parties over say 6 make conversation difficult, I thought it went smoothly. I know this is kind of half assed but I’ll try to make a better post in the morning when I’m thinking better.