We dominated our softball game 15-0 against a team that would lose to little leaguers. Their first pitcher literally rolled a pitch to Chad. It was a really a mockery of the league. In other news, Chad, Bud, and I played golf at Turtle Creek on a relatively ugly day. We finished the round in under 4 hours which was really nice. I was 93 with a 41 on the back which was pretty good. I had about 6 or so penalty strokes on the front which put me behind a bit. Bud managed a 15 on a hole which was pretty spectacular. His first 5 shots went OB. Other than that though last night was pretty decent with Greengenes playing at Mad River. I managed to get back safely and everything with the night was pretty entertaining. No real spectacular stories though. Just wanted to give a Saturday post which I suspect is better then nothing.