Technically the again isn’t necessary but I’m on the road attemping to sell the company’s products. Currently I’m staying at the Red Roof Inn in Alexandria which is a story to begin with. Alexandria is about as far South as I can get in one day and I just assume I can book rooms here without an issue. Little did I know the Comfort Inn I usually stay at was booked and so was the Days Inn next to it. So that had me scrambling to find a room and Red Roof told me this was the last room they had so luckily I was able to get lodging. I’m not going to bore you with the details of my trip but for a brief overview, I start in Balitmore and had about 8 stops there, then went to Beltsville, then Hyattsville, then Bethesda, then made my way down to Alexandria which is a good home base. The most important part of my trip is my GPS which literally saves hours and is worth it’s weight in gold. Probably way more then just it’s weight. This machine literally controls my life. I think its directions are pretty good although I found myself a few times sitting in traffic flipping out and there had to be better ways to avoid some issues. This was a pretty macro post but I have the micro that I’ll write later tonight because trips like these fill me with little details that go unnoticed by everyone else but me. I’ll hopefully have something by tonight but no promises because these tend to be long days. I was up at 5 yesterday to make it to Baltimore from Philly by 8 (with a few stops on the way) and didn’t quit till 4 and my only break was a number 8 at Arby’s. I also consider the whole hours of driving a break too but that can get taxing. Would you buy tools from this guy?