CK4 and I were pondering business ideas and he suggested we do something with time travel. I told him quite frankly that the possibility of that is slim to none. He then asked me if I thought that George Washington ever thought that there would be airplanes in the sky and I started thinking my initial reaction may have been a bit hasty. I think it’s safe to say that the transportation of matter from one place in time to another place in time would defy the law of physics and time for that matter. However when George Washington was riding around on a horse from colony to colony, I’m pretty sure he would have said it was impossible to fly 500mph through the sky to different continents of the world in a tin box. At the rate of change we are experiencing, I think discounting far out ideas is probably not smart.

Ck4 wants to see a flying car. I googled flying car and amazingly there is very little on the subject. We have had the ability to fly since the Wright Brothers in the early 1900’s and now 100 years later we still aren’t zipping around in compact sedans like the Jetsons. Obviously a major concern would be deadly crashes because traveling at flying speeds and different altitudes would lead to more crashes than we have on the ground and I’m sure that is an enormous number. Ck4 just wisely added that there is a debris factor of airborne crashes that has wayward titanium crushing innocent pedestrians below. We are probably years away from some form of local air travel as well.

It’s funny too that no other sports have caught on. Our main sports have been around for 100’s of years and there has been hardly any changes. Sure there’s new equipment and different rules but essentially baseball, football, and basketball are still the most popular sports. Where are games like quidditch? There just has to be more advanced ways and better games that our society should be gravitating to. No shit trampoline basketball didn’t work out or the more Xtreme XFL was a bust. I want to see cool games like using the deep ocean as a natural setting and setting up a way to throw a ball into a goal ala Final Fantasy 10. Or maybe a form of combat golf where every bogey pits the player off against some form of physical challenge like fighting a wolf. It’s so difficult to introduce something new when everything has already been set and everyone is accustomed to that’s just the way it is. I think you have to take your hat off to Vince McMahon for even trying to create something like the XFL.

I’m going to use this next paragraph as a complete blank slate. Why are we still using towels to dry off? How about when I step out of the shower a wave of hot air instantly dries me off. Where’s a liquid that instantly removes my facial hair instead of a razor? Why can’t I just have a water supply that I push a button and it’s injected in my body instead of using a stupid water bottle? When am I going to be paying for everything with my fingerprint? When are installed microchips in the brain going to make everyone the same level of intelligence?

I could go on and on but I think the amazing thing is that the above things I mentioned, I’m sure someone has thought of that before and is already working on it. Probably years and years of development has been started. Technology in today’s age is just so unbelievable. Things are happening faster then ever because the internet, our ability to share data, and the forms of communication will only increase this trend. The early 2000’s was the DOT COM BOOM?!?! 10 years later and we can’t imagine a world without the internet. I think it’s so awesome to think that the years you are living is always going to be the most advanced age but then when you die, things are still going to progress to further levels that at this point of time, we can’t even comprehend. This planet and our society are truly amazing things and I’m not convinced that anything isn’t possible.