Irritable – 1. Having or showing a tendency to be easily annoyed or made angry.

If you couldn’t tell by the previous post or two I’ve been a little out of whack recently. I think I feel like females feel when people joke “must be that time of the month again.” As a guy I really have no idea what that experience is like but I assure you I have no physical reason why I’m using this word to describe myself. Just to give you an idea though of things that are particularly bothering me and the depth of these issues.

I almost freaked today when there was this biker riding his bike in between 4 lanes of traffic merging into two. I had this urge to just open my door and teach the guy a lesson. I’m pretty sure there is a law that says biker’s can’t ride on the sidewalk but bikers are a breed of their own and think they have way more rights then they should. I’m driving a 3 ton vehicle and you are on a 2 wheeled 40 pound bike, these two are completely different modes of transportation and to think that we “share” the road will generally always end up worse for the biker. So after that initial feeling of wanting to off a biker, I then started getting perturbed that people weren’t driving with their lights on. Yes, 100% this started to bother me to the point that I wanted to steer off road and give them a header and then exclaim that I couldn’t see them because they didn’t have their lights on. Today is a cloudy day, not a bright sunny one, and I just believe in lights on all the time except under perfect conditions. Don’t ask me why but I just feel that vehicles moving at lethal speeds should be as identifiable as possible in almost all circumstances.

So after already feeling riled up I was flipping through the radio and heard the new Panic song Ready to Go and I was catching it at the very end for maybe 5 seconds tops. So then this bothered me because I wanted to hear the song and knew that I wouldn’t get my chance til the next visit to my car. Of course I could listen to it at any time I wanted but for some reason the radio not allowing me to listen to the song I wanted to annoyed me. Ck4 actually presented this idea to me years ago but radio dvr seems logical to me.

After that I was listening to Howard and Chris Rock made some reference to Celebrity Apprentice and was saying how he knew his career would be near finished if he felt it was necessary to try to impress Donald Trump on national TV. I mention this because I was going to make an entry on this subject because I was watching the show last night for a little while. First off, I find the show mildly amusing because the celebs are given reasonably difficult tasks, in my opinion, and see what they come up with as normal human beings (not celebs) piques my interest. The characters are hilarious too because what is Lil John doing on the show? He seems so out of place and is his career that over that he resorted to this? Half the guys aren’t even celebs anymore like Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray and Meatloaf but the girls are even worse with Star Jones and LaToya Jackson. Donald looks absolutely absurd with his hair, strange tan, and wild make up. It’s like he’s really tan but has all this pink spots around his face, just a really weird looking dude.

Plus a final thing, during a round of Scattergories, Amber was telling me she reads my blog and that my spelling is awful. I would completely understand if she said my grammar was wrong because I haven’t had a writing course in years and I know I’m guessing half the time with commas, but WordPress automatically spell checks my words and my spelling just can’t be that terrible. Sure I probably have a no instead of a know which is pretty bad but my only defense is that I’ve made near 600 posts and if I don’t type at a 98% accuracy rate, I’d be surprised. Also, I won’t find it funny if people start pointing out my mistakes because I’m sure they could be found under close scrutinization.

One more thing, playoff bball at the Ambler Y tonight with what could be the greatest upset in sports history. After losing by 40 in the regular season we will see what happens tonight at 9:30. For a quick look into what I might be expecting as a spectator, I found Little Giants on TV and watched how JR and the IceBox led their team to victory even though they were playing with a bunch of misfits. I’m putting the line at 19 1/2. Any wagers?