Laura called me “just to talk” and asked me how I was doing with my ankle and what not. She also asked if I was going out or if I was just drinking by myself. Just to clear this up, I’m not an alcoholic in the sense that I NEED to have a drink each night. Since this injury I haven’t consumed a sip of alcohol going on almost two weeks. I drink because I think it’s fun and makes life more entertaining. Now, I am an alcoholic in the sense that I 100% completely abuse drinking. There is no off switch when it comes to having enough. I pretty much drink myself into oblivion and even though this is a different type of alcoholic, it’s just as dangerous. I just wanted to clear that up so my readers know what type of drunk I am.

My brackets have been going pretty well as I never had Louisville advancing past the next game and actually had Richmond to the Sweet 16 in all 3. I’m still waiting for the last 4 games but I swept the 7:00 games. Bake’s pick is to take UCLA with the points so I jumped on board that as well. I’ve been devoting more and more time towards poker and have posted winning day 8 of the last 9 for a profit of 500 bucks in 10 days. I haven’t had any big days yet so I’m still waiting to break through but I can sense it’s close. It sort of nullifies any money I use for sports betting because it’s all pocket change. I’m also reading the book Toys and will post a review after I finish the book. It’s 368 pages and I’m already 200 of the way through in 3+ hours of reading so it’s a real shorty.