We aren’t Yeah 3x by Chris Brown quite yet. I’m just starting to get used to everything taking 3x as long to do. Waking up, getting ready, moving, and just about anything else I can think of takes longer. I also hardly move around so my intake of food has been significantly less. I ate breakfast today at 9 and it’s 2pm and I have no feeling of hunger. I’ve honestly just been playing gobs and gobs of online poker because I don’t have to move and it entertains me. I’ve final tabled 2 of the 180 mans in the last 2 days with a 3rd and a 7th. I also got 24th out of 1650 people in a $11 dollar turbo. I have a feeling this weekend is going to contain more online poker then I know what to do with but it’s only a matter of time before I break though because I’ve been playing some really good poker. I even cashed 4 out of 4 180 man tournaments which is pretty impressive in itself.

I’m still unable to walk so my thinking of only a few days to let it heal and at least I’ll be able to walk again was incorrect. I have this walking boot but the ankle is still pretty purple near the ligament damage so it’s not even close to fully healed. At least the swelling of the actual ankle has gone down. The walking boot doesn’t really help though because I still can’t walk right without the crutches. At first I was pretty depressed but now I just want to get through these couple of weeks and at least walk again without feeling handicapped. I really have a new found respect for people who have to deal with an issue like this on a daily basis because if people with problems similar to mine are able to accomplish things, and I can’t accomplish shit with all my features in tact, I must be doing it wrong. I’m going to remain sober and probably be a hermit this weekend but I just don’t see any reason to jeopardize the recovery by trying to do anything “fun”. I have a post on normalcy that I’m working on and will hope to finish up by Saturday that I think is pretty funny.