750 unique people found my blog yesterday which is pretty much off the chart. I almost had a day where 400 people showed up but yesterday was tops by far. You break an ankle and then all of a sudden people start noticing you. I had people pushing buttons to open doors today, asking how I was feeling or do I need anything. The extra attention is sort of annoying but producing more web traffic has always been my goal of maintaining rnningfool.com. Early on it was strictly for my own personal record keeping but now I’d like to see it prosper. I thought an interesting post would be to delve into some of the more unique search terms that people have put into Google to arrive at my site.

– Just to get the main ones out of the way “suri cruise”, “tatyana ali”, “Ashley Banks”, and “Alex Mack” all produce.

– Someone got here with “you clipped me” a little which is a reference to the career builder commercial which was funny.

– “Black Men in Manayunk” also had a hit which is funny because I literally think <5% of the population in manayunk is black.

– “Drunk Sofia Vergera” had a hit. I wish I had a story with this.

– “if i have two jack daniels and coke drinks how drunk will i be”. I’m hoping any one of my posts helped this individual out.

– “most people, due to fears of dying alone, will marry some jackass because they think nothing better will come along. they’re usually right”

– “What is Shawn Bradley doing now?” – probably couldn’t shed any light on this one.