I figured I’d start with an update of what’s been going on with my life. Fortunately it won’t take too long to write as I’ve been doing nothing. My life basically breaks down into work the business for 5 days, have 2 nights of drunken weekends and then repeat. I do have a little change to the routine coming up. The Broad Street run is May 10th and I actually will attempt to do well. I went running yesterday starting here in Manayunk and running to the light post a bit before the art museum. Literally 5 minutes into the run I am crossing the street and fail to lift my one foot up over the curb and clip it and fly face first on the sidewalk, something you would see straight outta failblog.org. Some bro is looking at me like I’m retarded and I’m thinking I’m just getting started on this 12 mile run and I have scraped hands and knees. Anyhow I did the run at about 6:50 pace and then today I ran 3 miles at 6 minute pace. I intend to cut back on my drinking over the next couple weekends and get in top shape for the run. It’s unusual I am prioritizing anything over weekend sloppiness. I’m going to work on making this domain name a bit more popular but that will take some time. I will leave this post with an unusual picture of 16? year old Shawn Johnson.fail-owned-discretion-fail2