Ck4 vs the Titans was the match-up for our final regular season game. We went into the game with a 5-1 record and this game would give us a first round bye for the playoffs. The other team was 2-4 but had us out sized and it looked like we’d have a game on our hands. This was not the case. The gym is ridiculously slippery and Jeff gave the helpful tip of wiping the bottom of your shoes with your hand as often as possible. This proved to be a huge difference from the last we played at this location. We opened the game in zone and got off to a hot start with Ck4 burying 3 balls. They obviously didn’t realize Ck4 was a shooter and he probably buried about 3 treys before they got the message and started playing man. They couldn’t put the ball in the basket and we were up 24-6. We were playing good D, getting boards, and then making outlet passes for easy buckets and just beating them up and down the floor. We went into halftime up 20 and they came out in a zone D. Ck4 once again started punishing their zone with 3 balls and it pretty much demoralized them. They had a huge hole in the middle of their zone and we just worked it as we pleased for buckets. We had good chemistry among the entire team and as long as we scored some baskets, they weren’t going to come back. We finished winning by 20+ and will get the bye. It wasn’t a thrilling game but we finally played like a team that knew what they were doing and deserved to win a game compared to just squeaking by like we have been. Playoffs in a week or so and then hopefully a championship game.