Just for some playful banter between Sam’s blog and mine, this is a post I was taking my time writing, as a draft, because I didn’t really have any direction.

“I think I may have left my roots and taken a turn towards trying to satisfy google which may not be a great idea. It’s time to start drinking heavily again and creating some good stories…”

So after reading that Sam is still going to maintain his blog as a personal “diary”, I do feel as if I’ve sold out a little bit. I’ve also noticed the majority of the traffic leaves my blog in a few seconds anyway so my content is going unnoticed. I have mixed feelings on this because people come, but people leave. Notice this is a much better scenario then people never coming.

Nevertheless, my goal with this blog isn’t to create my own diary of events. It’s undertaking a project of creating a website that can gain huge amounts of traffic and when people pay attention to what you do, there are opportunities involved. Do you realize that in the past 500 previous posts I’ve spilled the inner workings of myself and guess what, no one cares. If I were to keep making posts about me, I’d still have 30 readers a day and nothing to show for it. People care more about themselves then me, they come to a blog to be entertained. When you visit my blog I want to have you learn something or read my viewpoint on something stupid. You don’t care if I ran 3 miles on the treadmill or ate a cheeseburger for lunch.

The maintenance of a blog is challenging because you have to be current and update often and keep coming up with new ideas to write about. That’s the fun in it. In one sense I’m selling out but it’s because I’ve moved my stance from a personal blog to something that appeals to a more general crowd. In no way do I think the content I produce is at a lower level. I actually feel I’m doing a better job then ever. Anyone who visits my site now knows that spankwire is the best porn site. To the person who commented on Ashlynn Brooke, it’s hilarious because I actually thought about my favorite porn star list (another potential blog topic) on my way to work and I would have added her. So even though I’m not writing about me and my personal life, I’m still giving my viewpoints on anything I can think of. This blog is me, it’s my views, it’s my thoughts. I want rnningfool.com to be read and we will see if the work I put into it gets recognized at some point in time. Don’t forget I’ve been doing this for upcoming on two years now and this is the most interested anyone (google) has ever been in it. Time to ride the wave.