I’m going to give credit to CK4 for thinking of something that usually skips over me. When you have an 8% abv beer in a pint glass, you are generally drinking it at the same pace as a normal Coors light draft. Meaning that you are consuming the same amount of alcohol but getting drunk at twice the speed. Obviously I know I”m drinking an 8 percenter but realizing that you are getting drunker that much quicker is the point to understand. So I’m just saying I got pretty wasted last night, went to sleep at 10 and woke up feeling like pooh. When considering the enjoyment of today with the enjoyment experienced drinking, I’d prefer to have just stayed in and done nothing but feel good today. As is, and something that isn’t a rarity, I spend my day tired and not 100%. However you make the best of it and move on. Kristen and the Noise is playing at Mad River tonight so that’s probably something that I’m going to see. Another week of the same old same old.