I had a feeling taking a Facebook comment, and then calling them out, from someone I know was a risky move. Fortunately Rachel isn’t serious when she calls my blog shitty. To quote Jess Baker “she laughed and said what a prick…” Personalizing blog posts is a way to develop readers though because the reader can assume that I have the ability to put them into a post at any time which creates interest. It’s all in good fun though and I’m probably just jealous because love isn’t winning in my life. She said it was a “SLOGAN” (LOL!!!!!) but I’ve never heard it before. Is it famous? Who said it? Who uses it? I would also like to point out that the insult of “prick” is not used nearly often enough. Also Rachel, don’t write on my wall, that could have been done by a private message. EVERYONE doesn’t have to know. Just kidding. No I’m not.

To answer JKash’s question on why I didn’t post about basketball on Tuesday is a simple response which was summed up perfectly by Bud. We started they game up 4-0 and they went on an 84-37 run. Not only were they bigger but they shot the ball way better. They also played better defense and I don’t think we would beat those guy once out of 50 tries. I think we could maybe get them once in a hundred. I airballed two foul shots which was just as embarrassing as the 40 point loss. There you go Jkash, happy now?