I did some calculating on my gambling for 2018 and here are the results so far:

Bovada: $-240
Draftkings: $-700

I ended up getting a 1099 for $1,200 on Draftkings for 2017 after hitting the 3k in the NFL tourney. I lost about a K on Bovada. Cancelling out Bovada, it’s fair to say that 2017 was roughly a wash minus the Sugarhouse which would be ugly.

The one misleading part about the -$700 for 2018 is that I have $45 in action right now with 2 DK lineups in golf which are built for success if Xander Schauffele can make the cut. I have Ancer, Hossler, Kuchar, Mitchell, Murray, and Xander. If that lineup hits, I’ll be in the $-600 range barring any REAL success.

I also have $600 in my Bovada account which is primed and ready for action here with the NBA and NHL playoffs. The point of this post is to ask how much is too much to lose?  I asked Jeff what he think would be too much for all of 2018 and he said $500. I’m at $-940 which is is essentially $300 dollars a month I’m losing. I spend WAY more money bowling and people wouldn’t say shit, but if I lose it gambling I’m a degen. Do you understand how much entertainment value I get from gambling? It’s not even close how much more fun I’m having than you. Not even close. When I spin this to a positive, you’ll be coming to my site asking me for picks (who I take from other people).