I hit the Texas-TB under today. Why am I betting baseball unders? Well…it’s because the Action Network is recommending me to do so. Rooting for unders is not fun, but it does appear to be profitable. This is most likely because the public loves the over. It certainly doesn’t mean the under covers all the time. Last night I had the Bos-LAA under and I lost it by the 3rd inning. It’s that the under is so unsexy that it’s like the cheese that stands alone. My point is, in order to make money, you have to go against the crowd and do what’s hard, and that’s called taking unders.

This is how I watch the last few minutes when betting on the under.

The other part of taking many recommended plays by the Action Network is that you can’t blow your wad on one bet. These guys don’t hit 100% of the bets. No one does. You can make money taking some of the better odds that are available. Today I took the guy Djokovic was playing at +200. Did he win? He did not, but finding upsets is key to winning. I took Egypt coming out of their group at +550 for the World Cup. I’m planning on taking Morocco as well. Are you going to take KAT at over 3.5 FT’s tonight and Joe Ingles at under 5.5 assists? These are the bets I’ve been on the last few weeks. I’m doing fine, and would be doing better, if I didn’t make picks on my own accord like the Cavs over when they had 5 points in the first 9 minutes in game 1. Fucking unders.