Doesn’t Pat Sajack looked pissed here? I’m sure it’s part of the act.

Wheel of Fortune has been running since 1983. Pat Sajack is 71 years old. None of this is relevant to this absurd idea you are about to read.

I was watching when I was on the treadmill a few days back and it was the final round where they give you RL Stine and you pick some more letters. The lady couldn’t get the puzzle and Sajak shows her the prize she missed $25,000. I thought to myself, “who cares what prize she missed?” I think the prize may be eliminated as each day of the week goes on, but it would make for a way better show if they created a prize that you missed in a humorous fashion.

Tell me this isn’t funnier?

How do you keep a show that has been running for 34 years fresh? You do this.