A non-drinking weekend have allowed me to spend extra time thinking, instead of drinking. I was able to:

  • Devise a kick ass bowling payoff and playoff structure (a sponsorship perhaps) that will admittedly be lost on the people of the league. It’s difficult to care the most and impress the least.
  • I ran for 64 minutes straight which is nearing me closer to Broad St shape. Going from 40 minute to 60 minute shape is not ideal in a single run, but what the hell. I survived it and no injuries are apparent.

  • I came up with a new structure to the website moving forward. I’m going to inquire to see if my guy in Romania can build a new, professional looking, site and then bring in some more people to create posts and info. Is it one of those projects that will never get off the ground? Or one that starts to fly and inevitably flies into a mountain? Most likely. Either way, I’m looking forward to a change.
  • My betting has hit a wall of ill timed bets. The Action Network makes “suggestions”, but these are not necessarily recommended plays. What gets even worse is that sometimes they’ll have 3 people pick a game and they side differently. I’m not getting discouraged though because I don’t feel like I’m playing above my head or losing money that I can’t afford to lose. Gambling doesn’t work like investing. You don’t look for a 3% return a year. You may lose 10x until an investment returns 50x like DraftKings. Or you can lose 10 in a row before you win 20 in a row. I’m stating a case here lost in a whirlwind of misconception, but if your life can afford it, why not.