There will be times when I’m not ready to commit to watching a full movie, so I scan through the options and select the best one. Sometimes it’ll be Con Air. Sometimes The Rock. Other times it’ll be because the lead is a babe even though I think the movie is horrible. This list will give you an idea of what I put on without wanting to think.

The Layover

Am I a Kate Upton fan? Not so much. Do I like Alexandra Daddario? Very much. I didn’t even know this was a movie and it’s what inspired this post. Create a movie and have two hotties with huge boobs star in it. Fantastic. Then know that’s why people are watching and accentuate it. Brilliant. Great clip.

The hottest piece of ass of all time takes my second clip. I think JLH is the cream of the crop. Her skinny figure and enormous top are perfection. The next 3 clips would be I Know What You Did Last Summer, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, and Can’t Hardly wait but I’m not that boring.

Wild Things
Rarely on. The movie is pretty bad but Denise Richards is fire. This is just the lesbian scene. The pool scene. The car wash scene. She’s a total firecracker throughout it all. Sure we can’t forget Startship Troopers and the ugly girl in the shower scene but this one is the top of the top. Who still doesn’t fantasize about putting champagne on Denise Richards boobs?

It’s 1:33pm and I have to leave at 1:45. I would like to keep this post going but I’m in a rush. I’m going to post it. If you think this post has steam, leave a comment and I’ll come up with 100 more scenes that are worth watching.