No. I have at least a year to forget I wrote this post so don’t quote this when I watch it. I was even going to create some art until I saw this one and said, “not happening.”

It’s a typical sequel.The final 2 episodes rated the highest of any previous episodes of either season at 9.6 & 9.5. Episode 7 was the lowest by far at 6.3, and if you watched it, it was a snooze fest. I’m not entirely sure why the last episode is rated so high because it was for lack of a better word, dumb. They brought it all together in a feel good at the end and gave a cliffhanger to watch it next year. Walking past Dart was the coup de grace to integrity.

I understand I’m not the demo-graphic (good joke if you watched) that ST2 probably appeals to. If I was in middle or high school, I bet every single kid has watched it and talks about it. This is truly a guess. It’s not bad by any means, and I thoroughly enjoy the soundtrack, but it’s a kid’s show with copies every movie made before it. I thought I was watching Jurassic Park in episode 8. I thought I was watching the first season throughout most of the second season. I’m turned off that this is turning into a cult following after reading that the creators wanted it to die as a stand alone season, but were compelled to keep creating it for the money. However, it’s worth watching and Millie Bobby Brown will be forever ingrained in our society for the next 50 years.

On to more important news. Some 27 year old model was ganged up on by feminists when she told Will from Stranger Things to call her in 4 years when he’s 18. What. The. Fuck. People are out of control. If a 27 year old model even accidentally texted me I’d bust a load. How do these non-stories even turn into stories? She had to rebuke her comment and make a public apology to save her career. The point being that people would start freaking out if a male 27 year old did this to a 14 year old girl and there would be hell to pay and he’d wind up in jail. Yes! That’s exactly right. You got it. People want equality in a world where equality doesn’t have to exist in every single situation. Older girls can come onto younger guys and this one even sounds tongue in cheek. If this 14 year old movie star felt threatened by her actions and called the police, then by all means take this to the next level, but don’t blow it out of proportion for no reason other than to make a story. It’s sad. *If I ever become popular enough for people to read through my 7 years of entries, just put me away now.

Another story that puts my mind in a knot is people who feel the urge to tweet about there being 280 characters now. WHO FUCKING CARES! Use 280. Use 500. I’ll unfollow you if I don’t like you no matter how many characters you use. You have to have a tiny brain for feeling the need to be outraged that there are 280 characters. Does it truly effect you that much? Your timeline is too muddled? You enjoy brevity? I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had to turn a proper sentence into using b4 or imo to squeeze in shit when a link doesn’t fit. It’s such a minute detail that how could it even be considered a thing? Society is on a mad binge of pointlessness. Which I’m sure this blog adds to.