I put the Excel sheet in fire which is misleading because that usually means you’re hot. This is more being shown as going up in flames.

After rattling off 9 straight losses and 39.6 units, I have ended the run of 9 weeks and $200 dollars. I’m not entirely sure how it says I lost 27, so there may be a mistake there somewhere. I had a few Blackjack hits in that account that also may not be taken into consideration which is another explanation for the imbalance.

Not too much to say really other than my major public fade on the Giants was completely wrong. Rather than trying to figure out that game, I took a macro perspective of the public always loses and that was wrong in this instance. Egg on me. I was also completely off on the 49ers at home as Drew Stanton was asked to do little with A Pete running the ball 37 times. Egg on me. In desperation, the Raider game was to keep me afloat and the 2 point conversion at the end of the game sank the ship. I’ll probably take a little break and then reload on Sunday. I’ll tally up the total later but college football killed me this year.

I had minor success in DK as I cashed in 4 out of 4 money lineups. I placed in the $100 Spy, $50 Red Zone, and Sunday Mill. I also narrowly edged out a 3 person $50 league to win about 200 on the day and get me back what I lost last week. The account is still at a K, so more lineups will ensue as the season winds down. I made 2 really bad calls with Russell Sheppard and Chris Thompson which prevented a bigger week. You can’t have a guy go for 1.1 and except to have success and I went too far out on a limb. I’m still learning where that limb is too far. Nailing the defense is also key and I’ve been pretty bad.

From a fantasy perspective, and I’m sure people care about this the least, ss long as Theo Riddick goes for under 15, I’ll have a 2-2 week and put 2 teams at 5-4, 1 at 4-5, and 1 at 3-6. Fine striking points for the playoffs.