Laura and I went out to dinner last night which was nice because we tend to go periods of time without seeing one another. It’s one of those things that if no one makes an effort, nothing happens. I met her in the city after work and let her choose the restaurant. We went to Parc which unbeknownst to me was a Steven Starr restaurant. I thought the atmosphere was good because it had an upscale feel to it but had no problem with casual attire. Being my sister, we know each other fairly well and conversation isn’t really an issue. Somehow conversation led to her to telling me I’m cocky and insecure which at first, like anyone, I go into defense mode, but maybe she had a point. Her reasoning was that my cockiness was a defense mechanism because of my lack of long term female relationship. Every once in a while it’s useful to talk to someone who is completely real with you and will give you an honest opinion so I appreciate any input from her.

So we ate a steak and some fish and the meal was pretty well done and tasty. I went straight to the gym afterward which is always difficult to work out after eating a big meal, but I did the best I could. I’m still in pretty good shape and am getting ready for the Frostbite 5 miler which is a pretty fitting name for me. I’m looking to break 29 minutes which with good training I should be able to do. After the gym I went home and played some poker. I went 0-7 in cashing and then final tabled a 12 man 180 with a 6th place. It was the 2nd time I final tabled it in 3 days and the 3rd time I got it in ahead (AQ vs KJ) and had my opponent flop trips AI PF. If I won that pot I’d be looking at 2nd in chips and one of the better players at the table (cockiness…) I’m really playing well and it’s just bad luck of going 0-7 with no cashes but once my luck turns I’ll see better results.