After being away from Friday to Monday last week, and being removed my routine, I came back with some unfinished business. Here is what I did to catch up:

  • Rick and Morty – These characters act exactly like they are supposed to based on their personalities. This is what makes the show so good and it’s that the characters don’t deviate. I can’t stress this enough because once you get to know a character, you laugh with how they experience whatever the writers have them do. Classic lines over and over.
  • Game of Thrones – I saw some tweets on Sunday night about some javelin throw so I knew it was coming I just didn’t know when. Frankly I thought it was going to be when Gendry was running his sub 1 hour marathon back to the wall. Either way, this show has jumped the shark. The characters have turned into mindless morons. I won’t reiterate the stupidity of the timing and Uncle Benjen literally being a tardo, but the show is going downhill.
  • Read Fantasy Football Updates & Mock drafts – If you’re in my league, just know you’re up against a seasoned vet. I’m up to date on all the teams and expected usage with players that I think are going to get the opportunity. I have my first auction draft tonight and feel comfortable with who I’m targeting. I have subscriptions to FantasyLabs, FantasyPros, and PFF which will carry me through the season. I’m in over $500 dollars worth of leagues and will use a $500 DF budget which hopefully won’t get wiped out after the first 2 weeks. Leggo.
  • Exercise – This is the hardest part with being away. I came back feeling like a fat shit after drinking 50 beers and eating whatever the hell i wanted for 4 days. When I got back I gutted out a 6 mile run and then did at least 7 yesterday with 4 on the track. This is a necessary part of my life that gets put on standby for trips.