So my sports betting is finally Warrick Dunn. I had a good run through the entire football season, cashed out 500 bucks, but currently have 0 dollars in the account. I really have no urge to deposit more money and to bet on games so that pretty much Natrone Means the season is over. I was actually cheering for the Eagles on that last drive and that was with no money even on the game. Tomorrow is going to be a sad day in Philadelphia.

I feel so much better today than most Sunday’s and it’s an easy explanation. I only drank one night this week instead of the usual 3. I feel good and will be able to live a normal week starting on Monday which will be nice for a change. Ck4 is predicting a snowstorm mid week so I may have another weather entry if he decides to write something up. I’ve tried to explain to him that there are tons of knuckleheads out there like him and if he just starts his own weather blog he’ll be able to develop a following. I think he tends to Stevie Nix the idea though. I personally wouldn’t mind some snow breaking up the week though.

I’ve decided to do the frostbite 5 miler, mainly because it substitutes a non drinking event into a weekend. I’m going to have to extend my runs a bit because I’ve because I’ve been quitting between 3-4 miles so I’m going to make a better effort for the next two weeks. I couldn’t understand but my weight fluctuated between 170 and 180 and I thought that was a pretty wide range for no real major change in anything, just day to day to day. I’ve also noted I hate cold and my Eric Frostbite gets really annoying when I run outside. We also have to get ready for bball because I haven’t played since the Ambler league and we start this Sunday. Should be interesting.

I’m also going to give a review of the Biggest Night ever on Showtime. I can’t really remember how they were describing it but it was Californication, Episodes, and Shameless. All the episodes were average and Episodes was one of the worst shows I’ve ever watched. Completely awful. I don’t know how people can watch this show and think it’s good. Shameless wasn’t too exciting either but better than Episodes. Californication was what I expected it to be but lacked some of the witty dialogue and outrageous behavior I’ve come to expect. The girl is unbelievably smoking hot though. Sorry about the lack of names, I forgot.