How do these things not get shut down immediately by police?

It’s unfortunately really hard to stop them. They’re not exactly going to pull over for the police and when chased people tend to get hurt (not just the bikers themselves, but pedestrians as well). I don’t know about other cities, but DC has taken to photographing and looking for them afterwards

This was scene in Atlanta. Am I the only one who sees this as a Lord of the Flies governing body? You can’t have 100 motorists saying “fuck it” to the traffic laws. I’m a big supporter of freedom of expression, however, expressing your right to get a group of people together to do whatever the hell you want on the rules of the road, is where the line has to be drawn. I saw these guys in Philly too, and I thought that a police helicopter was following the crew but maybe that was wishful thinking. Undoubtedly people get hurt. This is like Mad Max meets real life. It would be hilarious to see the cops pulling these guys over and handing out traffic violations. The wheelies are also insane.