This show is a complete train wreck. The awkwardness of actually living in this environment is such a struggle for these “characters” who are actually real people. The tension and social atmosphere is so awesome to watch that even though I feel bad, it’s like a bad car crash, I can’t take my eyes off it. Here are a few quick observations I made after watching the first episode.

The whole season can’t be as good because you can tell they all have money now and that completely changes how people act. Snooki is driving a BMW, Vinnie was in the Benz coupe, the only person keeping it real was Pauly D in that pimp mobile Caddy. Plus they go back to the same house and the living conditions should have been improved. They should have got a much nicer hooked up pad, I don’t know what MTV was thinking but they missed the boat on this one.

Watching the 8 people hang out at the house was painful to watch. First, The Situation is playing flip cup using only one hand, complete rookie move. It’s not “flip the cup” either, and anyone who thinks one hand is better than two is an idiot. The hot tub with Vinnie was unbelievably awkward and he took it like a champ. He has Snookie who wants to be with him and he just banged her best friend so she’s obviously delusional on what to expect out of him. Then she makes the situation worse and worse by saying he wants to bang the “gremlin lookalike.” I just imagine being there and wanting to jump off the building.

I was writing this in between commercials so I could get the details right and the next line was going to be “they should kick Ronnie and Sammie off the show.” I now completely understand why they need to stay. That last scene was pretty sweet. The Deena girl is really annoying but she was a great catalyst for the deeper feelings between why Sammi is the worst character on the show. The way Sammi has her nose up in the air to everyone, she got what she deserved. I love how JWoww stuck up for Snooki and clocked her after Sammi faked a punch. What a move. Sammi punching Ronnie is great too. I have no idea why they’d show that though. I don’t think anyone is going to miss Sammi because she is easily the worse character.

I’m well aware this show is the bottom form of entertainment but let’s just view it as an in depth look at a social experiment. Much easier to watch that way.