My family went home for Mother’s Day and we were rummaging through old pictures. People love seeing how styles change so I’ll present to you some 90’s pictures to the early 00’s. I didn’t bring the Sam and I with dumb and dumber haircuts which had me on the floor but these will still be entertaining.

Halloween – Pretty sweet costumes made by our parents. If I wasn’t just crying, I’m about to be.

First Day of School – Notice my shoes in this picture. This was my favorite shirt.

First Day of School –  We were poor, my shoes didn’t change from the previous year. This was actually my favorite shirt. Laura had that pose nailed down. My mom said it was from a different day rather than year…

2nd Grade Project – The scan didn’t come over right but I wasn’t very creative as a kid. Art was my worst subject every single year. Upper left was a descriptoin of yourself which was smart, athletic, and I’m thinking small unless Spud Webb was my favorite player. JC and Cal Ripkin as role models. I obviously knew what I born to do at a young age. The Bobby Hurley player was a bit odd but I remember the 1990 Topps Bball set with draftpicks was my favorite set of cards.

Our Grandparents Motorhome – Plaid shorts with Shaq shoes. Nailed it.

Best Travel Baseball Team UD Has Ever Seen? – 40 game win streak.

TC Pre-Puberty – I make this point all the time in athletics that when you are young for your grade, you don’t stand a chance early on.

Golfing in High School Years – These old style golf shoes are so early 00’s.