Yesterday I had the opportunity to consume the beer called Pliny the Elder at North Bowl. I’m going to assume most of you have never heard of Pliny the Elder. I was recently introduced to this beer when I was traveling bar to bar with a friend and we went to Jose Pistola’s who has a long list of Russian River beers. We started asking how beers can be priced at $18 ea and this topic lead to Pliny. We were told that when Monk’s had it tapped, there was a line around the street. Of course this piqued my interest now that it was a block away from where I lived.

North Bowl opened at 5 and I figured I’d get there early and hope there wasn’t a line. To my surprise, no one was there. I ordered this 8.0% ABV double IPA for $5.50 and drank the first one in about 10 minutes. I ordered a 2nd one and bowled 5 games. After bowling, I drank 2 more and went home. I had a pretty good buzz. To speak to the beer itself, ┬áit is quite smooth for an 8%. I would have guessed it was 5%. It’s quite smooth but I found myself full after 4. I couldn’t actually drink a 5th one without moving passed buzz to super buzzed. For $5.50, the price was right and I enjoyed the beer.

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I’ll note that I did go here by myself which as I get older is becoming less odd. There are numerous people who I could have asked to go, but I’m 99% sure everyone would have said no and I wasn’t passing up the chance to try a rare beer. I posted a few Snaps as well which are viewed by 20 total people. C’mon people, wake up, and follow me on Snapchat for entertaining updates. I guarantee more than 20 of you read this post.