This entry is going to suck but I don’t care.

  • I bowled about 30 games from Thursday to Saturday with my new ball. I will admit that there is certainly a learning curve (nice bowling pun) but towards the end of those 30 games, I was throwing heat. I snapped what I rolled for the last 5 and I had to be close a 220 avg. Unfortunately I hurt my leg because I have to amp up the MPH and I’m not used to rolling so much. Either way I’m feeling pretty comfortable with the new ball.
  • I went to the Sugarhouse to play a session of 1-2 and they sat me next to a person who I absolutely hate sitting next to. He coughs this deathly cough every 2-3 minutes and it’s disgusting. I wanted to bust him pretty quickly so I made that my mission. He was straddling and playing like a tard showing down A4, a hand I didn’t see and then the hand we played together (a 3 hand read). I had TT and limped because I knew he was going to raise. He made it 25 and me and some bro called. The flop came A87 with 2 spades. He bet 25 which I called. The turn was a 6 of spades and I had a spade in my hand. I checked and he bet 90, all in. I thought for a minute, I looked at him and he looked right back at me, and I decided he didn’t want me to call. Even if I was behind I still had a few outs so it wouldn’t have been the worst spot. I tabled my TT and it was ahead and a brick came on the end. I had no idea what he had. It was a rather uneventful session after that and I left up about $75 for the day.
  • I went to Cavanaugh’s to meet up with some friends and put $150 on the Gamecocks which covered but then put $185 on UNC which did not. I didn’t have the most successful NCAA tournament as I was close to last in every bracket and hemorrhaged money betting. I was pretty drunk from drinking all day on Saturday and called it a night early.
  • My Draftkings teams in golf lost me about $40 which wasn’t bad. I had 0 or 7 entries pass all 6 players thanks to the Herminator, Cabrera Bello, and Spieth. Looking forward to the Masters.