Sometimes a bowler…
just has to face the music.
And that bowler is you.

There comes a time in every man’s life, when he has to purchase a new bowling ball. For me, that day was Wednesday.

I went to Pavlinko’s in Deptford and met with Steve, the head honcho. He asked to see me throw my ball a few times which I did. He then gave me his personal ball to throw to see how that one reacts. I threw a few that didn’t get right enough and went Jersey. He told me to really crank one out to the right. I winded up and aggressively threw one that was heading straight for the gutter. He let out a YELP as the bowl went right in the channel. He said, “that ball has never felt the gutter before.” Whoops.

We talked about some of the various options and landed on an Ebonite (I can’t remember the type) and a Storm “Phaze”. Storm owns 50% of the bowling ball market, mainly because of BelMo, and the publicity he brings to the name. I’m going to be digging deeper into this topic in a subsequent post. I didn’t want to go with the mainstream but I decided to purchase the Phase. He drilled the holes for me and I was off.

Last night was the first time I got a chance to use it and I rolled 8 games with the Weens. My low game was 111 and my high was 201. As Steve put it, you are going from a V4 to a V8. The ball will be harder to control but has more striking power. I did notice this last night. I’ve had to move further left and I can throw the ball as hard as I want which is nice. I’m hoping to see my MPH’s get into the 15’s. I was having considerable trouble hitting the pocket but I have to imagine this will improve with practice.