I am sick of hearing about Donald Trump. I don’t know how many of you have had a job you were doing for the very first time, but I’m guessing here that you don’t do it as well as you will 4 years later. Yet, it’s people who have a stick up their ass seem to think that it’s their job to critique every move the President makes. Literally, people are getting paid to do this. That’s fine. We should understand there are going to be problems in the beginning. I suppose you could make the argument that this isn’t like a normal job, and the person appointed should immediately be suited for it and for that I’d answer, “welcome to the real world”. That being said, here are a critiques that seem to make the news.


Because Ivanka sat in the White House Chair
People are complaining about Nepotism (I had to look it up but it’s giving jobs to your family) and I don’t see why this is a problem. I understand she’s not a politician, but she’s in the public eye non-stop and is she doing anything wrong here?

Because he says “very” a lot
Here was a topic on Reddit titled:
SNL’s reaction right after the Trump Press Conference

This was the top comment, “He used the word ‘very’ in excess of 250 times; I spotted him 48. I got 298 uses of the word ‘very’ when I did a word count on the transcript.
Would be very easy to write this script, given the very little you would have to do to vary the vocabulary. Very, very sad.”

Because Trump pulls people to him in his handshakes


Mike Pence wasn’t informed about the Russian dealing


“I’m looking at 1-state and 2 state options, and I like the one that both parties like.”
Does this not seem like a first class answer? Am I wrong on this?


You can make counter points like the Russian leaks, immigration bans, failed military missions, ranting about the media, Tweeting too much, and god knows what else. You’re absolutely right. He probably has fucked up in more ways than people can count. He’s not perfect but are things really that bad? Is the economy crumbing? No. Have any nuclear wars started? No. Has the world ended? No. People need to relax.