I’m not alone with this feeling about DraftKings Golf. Currently all 3 of the tournaments I joined are going to fill up completely and we’re still 17 minutes from tee-off. For the next who knows how many months, i’ll be entering a lineup into the $33 Dogleg, $3 Birdie, and $4 Casual Fore. This is a $40 a week allowance and I can say full on that it’s the best money I’ll spend all week.

Fantasy golf has more excitement than football. There I said it. Here’s why:

  • 4 days of enjoyment
  • You feel like a genius passing 6 guys
  • The excitement level comes in 2 doses when your player is going – 1) He doesn’t screw up 2) He hits a great shot
  • You get to root for your non-players to screw up which is more fun than hoping your guy does well

Did you just see that?
He just got a hole in one on a par 4.
I know. I said I saw it.

Tell me that this week’s 10th hole isn’t exciting.

I joined FantasyGolfInsider¬†for the month to get some tips on players to look for. They whiffed on my main lineup last week with a Willie McGirt double on 18 to not make the cut. If he bogeys, I pass 6 and cash. I’m also learning a lot about what these guys are looking for and it’s fun to use my intellect and agree or disagree with what they say. They suggest about 30 players so it’s easy to pick your own unique lineup. Like this week, everyone is all over Adam Scott’s nuts and I hate the mofo and he’ll never make my lineup. Same goes for McDirt. People don’t forget.

Anyway the guy who was writing for FGI wrote how the spread out nature of the tournaments are why they are so good. The first day you hope your guys get off to a fast start. The 2nd day you start praying that they all make the cut. Then you have the weekend to sweat for real if they pass. Huge amount of fun. I can’t remember the last time I watched a golf tournament, that wasn’t a major, from start to finish like I did last week at Pebble. I will add though that it was anti-climatic when a golfer runs away with it. Not nearly the same sweat I had with Louie last week. If DFS golf hasn’t already exploded with popularity, I think it will in the near future. Here are this week’s lineups.