This tweet is not right for a President. If you follow the blog, you’d know I don’t care if our President is Donald Trump or Donald Duck. I truly don’t. As long as I can live my life with the opportunity that America has brought since its inception, I’m cool. However, this tweet is crossing a line. A read that Nordstrom said that the sales of her brand sucked. If they want to discontinue carrying Ivanka’s line, it’s their prerogative. The PoTUS has no right to even have an opinion on this matter. Pretty absurd.

In other news, how does President Donald Trump only have 15 million followers on Twitter? His personal account has 24 million.  Obama managed 84 million throughout the 8 years. The Biebs has 91 million compared to Hillary’s 13. Hillary had 65 million of the popular vote to Donald’s 62. Are you telling me there are this many people not on Twitter? How did I get talked in to owning this POS?